Frequently Asked Questions

Inflatable SUPs feature PVC exteriors with drop-stitch construction that create an air core. They come with a pump for inflating the board and a storage bag for when it’s not in use. A quality inflatable SUP is designed to be inflated to 12–15 pounds per square inch and should feel very rigid when fully inflated.

What is inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board(iSUP)?

1. You have limited storage space: If you live in a small house, condo or apartment, you may not have room for a large solid board. Inflatable SUPs are compact when deflated and can easily be stowed in small spaces, like a closet or the trunk of a car.

2. You’re traveling: If you’re taking a road trip or hopping on a plane, you can bring along your inflatable SUP and do some paddling when you reach your destination. Packed away in its storage bag, an inflatable can be checked on an airplane or stowed in a train, bus or car. Most storage bags have backpack straps for easy carrying.

3. You’re hiking to a lake: If you’re headed to an alpine lake and want to paddle, you certainly cannot carry a solid board. An inflatable stowed in its storage bag is still heavy, but it’s pretty much your only option.

4. You’re paddling whitewater: Like a raft or inflatable kayak, an inflatable SUP is better suited to handle bumps up against rocks and logs than a solid board.

5. You like SUP yoga: You don’t have to get an inflatable for SUP yoga, but they tend to be a bit softer than solid boards, making them more comfortable for yoga poses.

Why get an inflatable SUP?

1. All-Around stand up paddle boards are designed to perform adequately in all conditions. Featuring a planing hull, these boards typically have surf inspired shapes but are longer and wider. The extra length and width gives them better stability and glide for flat water paddling when compared to surf specific stand up boards. These versatile, multi-purpose boards, are great first time boards because they allow you to explore all facets of the sport with only one board. All-around boards are wide enough to be very stable, have reasonable glide and tracking for flat water paddling, but also have enough rocker and side cut to be surfed on some waves.

2. Due to their stability all-around boards are ideally suited to people looking to do stand up paddle board yoga (yes that’s a thing!). These SUPs also make great family/cottage boards, they work really well for people looking to have a small child as a passenger.

3. Some All-rounders lean more towards catching and riding waves (more rocker & shorter length), others have more glide and less maneuverability so are better for touring (less rocker & longer length).

How To Choose A Inflatable SUP Board?

About 5-10min to inflate. Deflating is super fast, just let the air out and then roll to get it fully deflated.

How long does it take to inflate? Deflate?

I kept mine inflated for 2 days just fine. Just checked it with the pump before I went out each time.

How long does it stay inflated?

Yes, I ( 175 lbs) and my three kids ( about 110 pounds ) cursed around the pond with no problems.

Would a 10-12 lbs dog be able to ride on this as well? Is it safe?

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