Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) for Beginners

If you’ve ever looked at people having fun on a stand up paddle board and thought about giving it a try, this series is for you. We cover the basics: how to get on your board, fall off and get back on again, as well as simple SUP strokes and other tips for your first outing. All that, plus a printable checklist so you don’t forget to bring anything important when you head out on the water.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) Basics

This is article covers the basics of stand up paddle boarding and includes info on essential gear and basic techniques on the water.

How to Launch and Stand Up on a Paddle Board

If you’re new to stand up paddle boarding, launching your board and standing up on it may seem intimidating.

How to Paddle a Paddle Board: Basic Strokes

A skilled stand up paddle boarder can glide gracefully across the water and maneuver every which way, barely break a sweat.

Falling Off and Getting Back on a Stand Up Paddle Board

No matter how hard you try to stay balanced on your paddle board, you’re going to fall into the water at some point.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) Checklist

Heading out on the water? For a day of recreational paddling on calm water or a guided tour, you really need very little essential gear.

Latest Stories


28 January 2019


When the cold, dark days of winter are in full swing, it’s difficult to find time to head out for a paddle and hone those SUP skills. Short of hopping on a plane in hunt of warmer waters we’ve pulled together 5 tips that will have you embracing cold water paddling like a warm hug. Paddle boarding in the winter months is a great way to experience nature at its very best. The days may be short, but you really can’t beat the sunlight glistening over cold water on a crisp winter’s morning.


19 January 2019


Signing up to your first SUP challenge can be an unnerving task. Whether it’s a 5k charity paddle or an epic 92km SUP race across the whole of Scotland, if you’ve not participated in a competitive event before, it can be tricky to know where to start. Last year, a few of the girls at Red Paddle Co HQ, set their sights on competing in the Head of the Dart challenge, in Devon. A 9-mile paddle along the River Dart seemed an achievable distance, and as newbies to SUP racing, they chose to enter as a team.

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